Thursday, June 2, 2011

hot chicks

Apparently, NYC is in for a violent summer if the Memorial Day weekend murder rate is any indicator. I guess the city heat is an incubator for murderous rage and homicide. And, yes, we have guns. I would definitely rather be shot than stabbed, but still being held up at needlepoint is what terrifies me the most. Why? No idea. I mean I could probably smack a needle out of someones hand without being harmed a lot easier than I could a gun or knife. STILL! NEEDLE POINT! AIDS! You know. Scary. Also the whole brick throwing thing. You guys are creative but man are you fuuuucked up. I would love to watch some ghetto London drama. Must find.

I'm at work nowww. My friend just gave me some new music that is most excellent. Do you know Thee Headcoatees? Did I ask you this before? I love them. They do a lot of covers of 60s garage rock. Holly Golightly is one of the main chickssssss.

Check. It. Out. I feel like I've already posted about this. If that is the case, I'm very sorry. Please don't yell at me.

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