Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I can't wait to watch that.  

Today I am over my hangover and feel like a brand-new person.  Now I am casually sipping some Earl Grey tea and watching the FLAVA channel.  Ghetto English culture is.. interesting.  There are a lot of random stabbings and crimes based around hoodies.  It lacks the danger of the American inner-city because it's impossible to find guns over here.  And yet, I have a huge fear of being knifed.  Ouch.  Morbid question: would you rather be stabbed or shot? I feel like if you were shot it would be quicker and less scary.  With a knife you would have moments of terror as this shining metal thing came towards you... 


Last night, after I finished watching the Crack House documentary, I watched Louis Theroux's documentary about Miami Mega Jails.  I am really into crime and gangsters right now.  Well, I always am, actually.  

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