Thursday, June 9, 2011

It is all worth it

Think of all the times we have spent our last dollars or bottles of champagne or excessive nights out.  Always worth it.  We wouldn't have stories to tell and we wouldn't have FUN if we lived within our means.  Even sober fun.  Think -- I couldn't afford the Zeppelin DVD when I bought it and YET I did and we got hours... HOURS I TELL YOU... of extreme pleasure and happiness out of that DVD.

In fact, I really miss you and I really wish that we could watch it again!  Now!!

Um, I know this will officially make this a porn blog, but have you ever seen this picture?!?  ROBERT PLANT!  WHY YOU SO CRAZY?!  So... is this Pamela??  It kind of looks like her?  I wish I could bleep out her boobs.

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