Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

... or forgetful? I hope not. And I sincerely apologize for the one-sided conversation. So here goes my triumphant return into your life and the life of this blog!

First of all, the stars you've seen are a bit mind-boggling, and I'm not exactly sure how to respond. 




I can't possibly stay in New York when all of this is happening. Please keep your eyes open for cheap plane tickets. 

Which leads me to $$$... I have none. My job gets worse everyday. Despite the many requests from my colleagues, there is one woman and one woman only who REFUSES to give me more than 26 hrs/wk. That's not even full part-time! Blarf. Serves me right for working there for 7 years? I think not. 

The upshot is that I'm pretty much in a position to do anything (except for the whole not having money thang, and the whole work visa thing, and the whole paying rent thing etc.) If you have any ideas tell me, of course. If Stephan Fry asks you if you know of any outstanding American girls who would like to be his joke-tester-outers-on, you know who to call. 

In good news, I have a record player now. So, once again, keep your eyes open for kickass british vinyl. I'm slowly lugging my dad's record collection to the city, but many of them are scratched. New hobby, new life. 

I also went to the Dominican Republic and never told you about it. Paradise on Earth. Every hour was rum o'clock. We broke a jacuzzi, but it really wasn't our fault (shotty construction). Many waterfalls, rum, horses, rum, beach chairs, rum, palm trees, massages, rum rum, fully catered, lots of rum, flora, rum, fauna, rum, sea urchins, COCK FIGHTS, RUM RUM RUM! 

You get the idea? 

I must get back to work now. Not that they deserve it. If not triumphant, I hope this return was at least satisfactory. I love you, Spy tou! 

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