Monday, May 30, 2011


So once again I find myself feeling guilty for playing hooky from our sacred blogue. I've been playing hooky in life as well. It's Memorial Day weekend in this fair patriotic country. In other words, it's the first weekend of SUMMER, and it's HOT as hell. My best friend from Italy came to town last week, and I skipped out on work to go to Coney Island.

We went a few days before the rides were open, but it was a total blast. Coney Island brews, hot dogs sauerkraut, ice cream, bumper cars, skee ball... you know. They were testing the rides in heavy fog, and it made for a very eerie scene perfect for photographs.

A friend from DC is also in town. My cousin's friend who came to the Dominican with us. There have been a few very late nights, and our days are spent wandering around doing this and that. Very pleasant and casual, and I hate the thought of having everyone leave tomorrow and my having to go back to work.

How's the extreme wallet diet going? Any new rock star sightings? Are you sweltering?

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