Thursday, May 19, 2011


So pleased you are back, Spy 2.  I am so sorry about your job.  That is BAD.  I hate them.  How dare they.  As consolation I think that the universe should hand you a free, or perhaps hugely discounted flight to London, and my arms and the English puff that I now have the pleasure of inhabiting.

I miss you so much.  It's horrible.  Today I went to the Victoria & Albert museum to see an exhibit about my 19th Century homies, the Aesthetes.  There was some amazing stuff there, including many Rossettis AND illustrations by Beardsley.  I'm not so sure if you have been exposed to the genius of Aubrey Beardsley, but if not, I'll start off your new obsession:

He was great friends with Oscar Wilde and illustrated Salome, and probably more of his stories.  I love him.  I thought of you.

I feel lonely and aimless without Spy One.  My beautiful flat is going to waste as you have not been able to experience it.  London cries.  WOW this has been a... melancholy post.  I think it's because the sun is setting while I write this.  

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