Saturday, April 2, 2011

"no of course not..."
"it's just that this show is so much deeper. It really gets inside you."
"well in glad you're going to see it."
"I won't be getting back until really really late."
"well I guess it's good it's Saturday."
"exactly I have nothing to do the next day." do you ever have anything to do?
"awesome. Glad it works out."
Blissful silence for about 3 minutes than this:
"do you do this a lot?"
"what ridethe bus? I guess ive done it a few times." like 100 time
"are they could about calling the reserved seats first?"
"yeah I would say they're good about it."
"oh good good. Cause I have a reserved seat." no way! "and I think a lot of people here" at this point she looks around sheepishly and whispers these next words as if she's about to say something real offensive "have standard seats."

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