Friday, April 1, 2011

Big day, big night

Yesterday was a true London day.  Of course, this spy is an idiot and forgot her camera, so I shall PAINT A PICTURE WITH WORDS.

Camden is weird.  No Amy, probably a good thing as my immune system is down with a cold, don't want any diseases.  Camden is full of every kind of person, especially chavs shouting at you outside of McDonalds and Arabic men shouting at you by their stalls, peddling cheap bags and shirts and sunglasses.  Camden Market is the St Marks of London; it surely used to be dodgy and terrifying but is now gentrified and vaguely edgy.  At the Job Centre I attempted to get my National Insurance number so that I might possibly, in my wildest dreams, get a job and make some money.  That place is anthropologically fascinating, as I was surrounded by Russians and Indians and Eastern Europeans and Asians and the man helping me out had strange blue eyes and thought he had a chance at a date, I reckon.

Camden is harmless, but East London at night is not!!  We started our evening at a figure drawing class in Bethnal Green:

Yes this guy was very naked the whole time.  Can you tell my pictures went out with me last night??

We went out in Dalston to a place called the Alibi where everyone is too beautiful and too cool for school.  Worse than New York, which I did not think could be possible.  East London is grimy as fuck.  We were walking down Kingsland High street which is deserted save for 24 hr minicab places, around one in the morning.  This crazy woman came running at us with some kind of fake blood on her face, crying that she'd been attacked, why wouldn't we "fucking help her."  We ignored her and kept walking and she started shouting, saying she would punch us both in the face.  We were high and it was SCARY.  We ran down the street, convinced she had a knife.  Then she started chasing two men.  Crazy bird.  Didn't feel safe until we were inside the alibi, sweating, drinking gin and tonics and dancing to DUBSTEP and oggling the most handsome bartender... ever.

Just ate a ham and cheese on a bap.  BAPBAPBAP.  

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