Saturday, April 2, 2011

I just looked at her, having no verbal response to offer.

" you look just like a girl I went to highschool with."
"I don't think that's possible."
"you look just like her." she said in a dreamy kind of voice.

She basically left me alone after that but I dis watch her harass sone other people. Finally the driver comes in a calls for reserved seats and she sprints to the front of the line. Luckily o had a reserved sear as well so I got to watch her shove the ticket in the drivers hand and , no joke, full on run out to the bus. As I was making my way on I looked around to see where age was sitting so I could sit sonewhere far far away. She was nowhere to be found. I was both creeped out and on the verge of laughing. I pick a seat and as I'm taking off my jacket this THING comes flying down the aisle from the bathroom and takes a seat at the very front. Obviously a little taken aback by the fact that another woman was already sitting in the front seat. But no bother, she sits next to the poor woman even though every other seat was empty.

And that was the end of my interaction with that person. But then this other chick in front of me is dealing with her bags etc an finally says "ugh can I just sit next to you?" I say sure. "okay good. I just don't want to get stuck sitting next to sone weirdo." once again i had Bo response. Are all people huge assholes?

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