Saturday, April 9, 2011


Spent all day in the Tate, mainly in the Romantics room, with my good friends Turner and Blake.  I love the Romantics more than anything else, as they unabashedly admit to their roles as inspired geniuses and prophets, AS DO I.  I especially loved Regulus by Turner.  Painted from the viewpoint of a Roman general who has had his eyelids removed... it is sublime.

After the Tate I walked along the Thames and before I knew it was in the midst of millions of tourists as I had walked right in front of parliament.  Woops.  I was more interested by the people across the street.  For some reason this blog is not allowing me to upload my groundbreaking and beautiful pictures.  Of lampposts and anti-war protesters.  WHY IS THIS.

The sun is beginning to set and all I can hear are day drinkers in the pub next door.  It's heartwarming.  I wish that I could join them but I'm still detoxing after the Cambridge bender.

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