Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And the magic continues...

Now I'm at work, polishing off a Murrey's whole wheat everything bagel with cream cheese, tomato, and capers, sipping an iced coffee, and feeling very reluctant to deal with the nagging emails and attack the pile of scanning I need to have done by the end of the day. So, I'll procrastinate and continue with  my story of last night. I think we both know that Lou Reed is more pressing than Agnes Martin. 

Making eye contact with Dolores reminded me of what I was getting myself into. It reminded me of how excited I was to see Patti and Lou with you, Spy 2, when we stood with Dolores in the rain waiting to receive those neon pieces of paper. Our "tickets" labeling us number one, two and Dolores makes three. My heart was beating a little faster when I took my spot at the end of the line on the corner of Bleecker and Thompson, next to a man asking for change who would soon be pushed from his spot by the oblivious music fans. 

By the time my sister arrived 30 minutes later, I had already checked in using her name, received my 21+ bracelet, and lost all feeling in my fingers and toes. And still we waited. The line was growing longer and longer, and I was glad I had happened to come early. 10:00 pm came and went and still we waited. Just as I was about to duck into the CVS to thaw my thoughts, the line started moving. We were in. 

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